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English vobaulary what is a cobweb and is it the same as a spiders web?

English vocabulary what is a cobweb and is it the same as a spiders web?

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Are you afraid of spiders?

Have you every screamed or jumped in fright when you saw a spider, large or small?

In this post we are not going help you with your arachnophobia, but we will explain the difference between a cobweb and a spider’s web.

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The other day a colleague of mine was teaching a group of children, and they were learning the children’s nursery rhyme lady-bird, lady-bird.
The rhyme sounds like this:

Lady-bird, Lady-bird, fly away home
the fairy bells tinkle afar
make haste or they’ll catch you and harness you fast
with a cobweb to Oberon’s star

I am sure there are many words in that nursery rhyme that you do not understand, however in this post I only want to focus on the word cobweb.

English vocabulary what is a cobweb and is it the same as a spiders web? Lady Bird Bug

What is a cobweb?

In middle English the word for spider was “coppe”, which was pronounced “cob”.
It follows that the web was called cobweb.
As English developed, the word coppe disappeared and eventually became spider but the word cobweb remained, and people used both spider web and cobweb.

Is there a difference between cobweb and spiders web?

Officially no, a cobweb and a spider’s web are the same thing.
However most British English speakers can use the words cobweb and spiders web two describe two different types of web.
In British English a cobweb is most likely to be web that is inside a house, and a spiders web is most likely to be a web that is outside a house.

So there you have it, a cobweb and spiders web are the same thing.
A cob is an old English word spider that we don’t use it anymore.

English vocabulary what is a cobweb and is it the same as a spiders web? Webbie

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